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All children wear the school uniform which is as follows:-

  • Navy blue skirt, culottes, pinafore dress,  navy blue or grey school  trousers or shorts
  • Pale blue/navy polo shirt* or pale blue shirt
  • Navy blue cardigan* or sweatshirt*
  • White, grey or navy socks/tights
  • Sensible black flat shoes
  • Blue/white check dresses or playsuits  for summer

P.E. Clothing

All Children require plimsolls or trainers for outdoor games.   P.E. uniform is as follows:

  • Navy T shirt *
  • Blue Shorts
  • Blue Sweatshirt/Blue track suits bottoms for cold weather

* Schools Sweatshirts, Cardigans, T shirts and Polo Shirts with the School logo  are available from our school uniform supplier – Wovina.    Unbranded school uniform items can be bought from high street stores or supermarkets.

We have a wide selection of good condition donated school uniform items available at no cost, as part of our commitment to re-cycling.


Hair should be kept clean and tidy and should not be brightly coloured or worn in any extreme style. No patterns or tramlines should be shaved into the hair or eyebrows. Hair should not be shaved below a grade 2.


We disapprove of children bringing jewellery to school. However, if children have had their ears pierced they may wear studs. Before P.E. lessons, these are either to be removed or taped (please provide micro-pore tape from home). If not, children will not be allowed to take part in the lesson. No other piercings are allowed.