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Throughout the year, a range of different clubs are offered. Details are provided in the newsletter at the start of each term. regarding which days, and for which year group the club takes place. Those available include:


Netball club is open to children in Years 5 and 6.  The school team plays regularly in matches against other schools, and in local tournaments. The team belongs to a local league.

Art Club

Art Club takes place  after school.

Athletics Club

Athletics Club is open to children in Key Stage 2. It meets after school during the Summer Term.


Choir is held at Lunchtimes. Currently, there are two choirs – junior and senior. The children learn a variety of songs which are performed at concerts and church services throughout the year.


Cricket club takes place after school during the Summer Term. 

Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running Club is held before school in the morning, at 8.20.  


The football club is held after school. There are currently three teams, a junior, senior and girls team. Both play regularly in local tournaments and against other schools. The senior team belongs to a local league.

Maypole and Country Dancing

Maypole and Country Dancing Club takes place at Lunchtimes.  The children learn a range of folk and maypole dances, and perform these at both school, and local events. 

Circus Skills Club

Circus Skills  Club is held after school. Children learn a range of difference performance skills.

Music Club

Music Club takes place in the Summer term after school. The purpose is to put on a production of a musical for parents, pupils and friends.

Newspaper Club Newspaper Club takes place after school. Children work together to produce a school newspaper. 
Mindfulness Club This club takes place at lunchtime, and includes a variety of activities to support children’s well-being. 

Rounders Club

Rounders club is open to children in Years 5 & 6. The club meets after school, during the Summer term.