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We teach a rich, balanced and progressive curriculum using Maths to reason, problem solve and develop fluent conceptual understanding in each area. Teaching curriculum content in blocks allows children to explore skills and knowledge in depth and gain a secure understanding of particular subject matter. Key knowledge and skills are also revisited regularly allowing repetition to embed learning. We aim to ensure that mathematics is a high profile subject which children view positively and with a ‘Can do’ attitude.Our curriculum allows children to better make sense of the world around them by making connections between mathematics and everyday life. Where appropriate,  Maths is incorporated across different curriculum areas.

Basic Maths skills are taught daily, focusing on key mathematical skills including place value, the four operations and fractions. A range of reasoning resources are used to challenge all children and give them the opportunity to reason with their understanding. Children are taught through targeted differentiated small group and mixed ability whole class lessons.

Fluency is developed through repeating, reinforcing and revising key skills; daily arithmetic takes place in all classes. Children are given time to practice and perfect their calculation strategies including opportunities to make appropriate decisions when estimating, calculating and evaluating the effectiveness of their chosen methods. Feedback is given in a variety of ways to ensure pupils are well informed and making visible progress. Discussion is essential to learning and children are encouraged to discuss their thoughts, ideas and methods with a partner, group or the teacher. Task types are varied to suit different pupils; developing reasoning is a key focus. Investigative tasks are designed to allow pupils to follow lines of enquiry and develop their own ideas, justifying and proving their answers. Children work both collaboratively and independently when solving problems which require them to persevere and develop resilience.

Engaged children who are all challenged.
Confident children who can all talk about Maths and their learning, and the links between Mathematical topics.
Lessons that use a variety of resources to support learning.
Different representations of mathematical concepts.
Learning that is tracked and monitored to ensure all children make good progress.