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Special Educational Needs

Welcome to our “School Offer” information.  On these pages you should be able to find the answers for many frequently asked questions relating to what we offer children in our school who have a Special Educational Need (SEN)

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Mrs Emma Gloyn. She works part time as SENCO, and can be contacted via the School Office.

At Codicote School, all children can expect a fully inclusive, well differentiated education, some children may need additional support during their time with us and a few children will need more precise, specialist input. Alongside children who have a Special Educational Need as defined in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (2014) , the school also provides a range of support for children who may need some additional help with their learning, behaviour and wellbeing.

We ensure that all children including those with SEND are treated fairly through policies including: Equality Scheme; Accessibility Plan; Behaviour Policy and the Code of Conduct.

Hertfordshire’s SEND Local Offer

Children with Disabilities

The School has the facilities to admit disabled children. All areas of the school are accessible and there is a ramp at the main entrance to the school to enable wheelchair access.

The school has an equal opportunities policy and a teacher who has responsibility for monitoring equal opportunities issues. All teachers are aware that all children have equal access to the curriculum but some modifications may have to be made for individual children, e.g. in Physical Education.

More Able Children

The school has a policy for more able attaining children. Our co-ordinator keeps a register, a record of the progress of the most able children in the school and teaches groups regularly throughout the week.