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At Codicote School we place a strong emphasis on PE, ensuring that it is fully inclusive and accessible by all. Through offering a wide range of physical activities, within the curriculum and beyond the school day, we support children in excelling in a broad range of physical activities, ensure children are active for sustained period of time, provide opportunities to engage in competitive sports and activities and promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Children are provided with a breadth of PE, following the National Curriculum and extending beyond it. All children have PE sessions throughout the week, led by their teachers and our Sports Coach. Children are taught a wide range of skills, through exciting and stimulating activities. These are differentiated to allow for different abilities and physical contexts.

We promote positive attitudes to health, exercise and wellbeing, the development of physical skills and a love for being active and having fun. A wide range of opportunities, inside and beyond the school day, are organised, including activity days and residential visits, participation in local competitions, sporting events and festivals, inter-house competitions, and dance performances – including traditional dancing and modern dance – and the promotion of fitness and stamina.

Staff have a high level of skills, knowledge and training in teaching PE and are enthusiastic leaders. The Sports Coach and teachers lead participation in competitive events; a number lead extra- curricular activities and all staff are supportive of these. The school belongs to the Stevenage Sporting Futures Partnership, Rural Schools’ Sports organisation and the County Dance Association. As well as participating n competitive events, the children also give regular performances and displays of different types of dance.

Attitudes towards PE are extremely positive throughout the school, with a very high level of participation, and almost every child in Key Stage 2 accessing at least one extra-curricular activity. The children demonstrate a high level of skill and fitness and are active and enthusiastic in lessons. The school has been extremely successful in winning inter-school events, such as speed stacking, dragon boat racing, golf and curling, alongside team sports such as rounders, cricket, football, tag rugby and netball, and individual activities such as athletics.

Skills Progression in PE