Children spend most of their day with their class teacher, in the classroom. For some areas of the curriculum they may be taught by a different teacher e.g. French. Each child’s needs are met through a broad and balanced curriculum. Teachers ensure that work is carefully matched to the age and ability of the children, so that children achieve the highest standard of which they are capable.

Throughout the week, children have the opportunity to work in different groupings – as a whole class, in groups, pairs or on their own. Sometimes they work with different age children for particular projects. We aim to promote lifelong learning habits through developing:

  • An interest in and enthusiasm for, acquiring concepts, skills and knowledge
  • Concentration skills
  • Good working habits
  • A pride in the presentation of work

Teachers plan and assess carefully to ensure that children are challenged, motivated and supported in every aspect of the curriculum.

More information can be found in our School Brochure:

National Curriculum


The school follows Jolly Phonics in teaching children phonics in the early years. Our core reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree.

Teaching Literacy with Jolly Phonics

Oxford Reading Tree