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Who am I?

Can you guess the teacher?

Nursery chicks hatched!

Can you spot the differences between our chicks?

Art Day 2020

We studied the work of Cathy Smale for Art Day.

RE Symbols Day – November 2019

The whole school focus was on symbols from different religions around the world and Christian symbols.

History of Codicote School March 2019

The Codicote History Society put on an exhibition about the history of our school.

Art Day 2019

This year, we chose the picture: Portrait of Dora Maar by Pablo Picasso to study.

Creation Day 2019

For Creation Day we interpreted the story through different media.

Art Day 2018

We chose Rene Magritte’s painting Son of Man for Art Day.

Happy Birthday Codicote School!

In September, 2017, Codicote School celebrated its 160th Birthday.

Art Day 2017

This year we focussed on a still life painting by Cezanne.