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Special Educational Needs

For almost the whole week children with Special Educational Needs work within their normal classroom on work set to suit their needs and understanding.

A specific need is one that has been identified by the class teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator Mrs Sellers and often, as a result of consultation with Mrs Pollard. Parents will be aware of the additional help that their child may be receiving. We have a Special Educational Needs Policy, which has been drawn up in accordance with the Code of Practice of SEN. This is available on request.

Occasionally, in order to gain further understanding of an individual child’s needs, the school may call upon the services of the Educational Psychologist. The aim would be for her to give further suggestions as to the work that the child should be doing as well as monitoring progress. The parent of the child would know about this.

Hertfordshire’s SEND Local Offer

Children with Disabilities

The School has the facilities to admit disabled children. All areas of the school are accessible and there is a ramp at the main entrance to the school to enable wheelchair access.

The school has an equal opportunities policy and a teacher who has responsibility for monitoring equal opportunities issues. All teachers are aware that all children have equal access to the curriculum but some modifications may have to be made for individual children, e.g. in Physical Education.

More Able Children

The school has a policy for more able attaining children. Our co-ordinator keeps a register, a record of the progress of the most able children in the school and teaches groups regularly throughout the week.