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Newsletter      21                                            21st  July, 2017

Dear Parents & Carers,

Having enjoyed another fantastic school year with your lovely children, I am absolutely delighted to share with you that it has ended with the school winning the Welwyn and Hatfield Times School of the Year Award!  Last night at the Community Awards Evening our school was praised for the hard work and dedication shown by the staff, for the love and care shown to the children, and the way everyone in our school community works together to make the school a special place.  Having the opportunity to see the lovely things parents had written about the school was very moving, and really brought home to me why we have such good retention rates of staff, and such a harmonious school – your children are wonderful because you care so much. 

There have been a number of other successes to share with you over the course of the year, and many events and occasions to enjoy.  The children have been as positive and enthusiastic as ever, and it has been a pleasure to be with them.  The staff and I really appreciate the dedication shown by our parents and families, and we value your kindness and support. 

I would also like to thank:

  • Our hugely dedicated  parent and grandparent helpers who help out regularly in school, at PTFA events and at one off occasions such as visits and special days.
  • The hardworking PTFA who work so hard to raise money to enhance the education of the children – they have now raised the money needed to completely re-furbish the library, and will also be sponsoring the transport for two whole school events which will benefit all children in the school. 
  • Our Governors, who are frequently held up as examples of excellent practice for other schools – they are completely committed to ensuring that they fulfil their roles effectively, and are all keen to go the extra mile in doing their best for the school.
  • The staff for the huge amount of commitment and time they give to the school.  Everyone works together happily for the good of the children – I am so proud to lead such a fantastic team.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable and relaxing summer, and look forward to seeing everyone (apart, sadly, from Year 6) back in school on Tuesday 5th September!

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Sports Day

Well done to everyone involved in Sports Day –the children who all tried their best, the families who came along to support, the PTFA who provided refreshments, the staff who organised and ran the day and the former pupils and staff children who helped us.  The younger children showed true British spirit and stoicism in carrying on through the rain, and the older children were very impressive in the number of races each of them were willing to take part in.  The winning team was Mimram, followed by Bury, then St. Giles, then Lodge.

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Sponsored Walk

Thank you very much for your fantastic generosity – we raised an all-time record of £3,322.96!


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Village Day

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Codicote School was extremely well represented at Village Day, and we appreciate everyone who helped.  The children in the parade looked amazing, as did the staff, and Miss Grainger in her green octopus costume has become the new ‘face’of Codicote School!  Sophie Churchill and Nicola Crawford worked tirelessly to produce such fantastic costumes.  We also had a record turnout of children, and parents to be part of the walking float, and were absolutely delighted to win!

The dancing teams were excellent, and again, we had a record number of children who turned up to Maypole, Country and Sword dance.  It was lovely not to have to step in to make up the numbers this year! 

The Tea Tent was a new opportunity for us, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who baked cakes and helped to serve teas and coffees.  We really appreciate the generosity of Codicote Scouts, and the Whitbread family in lending us items and equipment.  Thank you too, for the donation of filled jars, and to everyone – particularly Mr & Mrs Mansell – who manned the stall.

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Thanks to the hard work of the PTFA, and your support in attending their events, we have been able to put the order in for our new library.  This will be installed at the beginning of September.  The School Council chose the design and the colours.  A plan is shown below:

The purple ‘blob’ is a reading pod which the children can sit in.  We also plan to purchase some new books for the library, and the children have been compiling lists of authors and books they like.  If you have any favourites at home, we would be interested in receiving your suggestions. 

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Kitchen Garden

Year 2 have been amazingly successful with their growing, and have produced an excellent crop of vegetables already.  If you would like to help yourself to the things they have grown over the holidays, you would be most welcome to.  Most days, the gates will be open, for the people who will be finishing off the staffroom and library area.

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Music Club

Congratulations to all of the children from Music and Props Clubs, who staged an impressive production of Alice in Wonderland.  The singing, dancing, acting and scenery were all fantastic, and everyone’s hard work paid off!  Thank you very much to our producers – Mrs Mesher and Mrs Ogle, and to our props club leaders – Miss Grainger and Mrs Pyle.


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Farewell Year 6

It is always extremely sad to have to say goodbye to our Year 6 children, who leave us to join their new secondary schools.  Having known many of them since they were bumps, and most of the rest since toddlers, it is also quite alarming to see how quickly the time has passed.  Year 6 have been a delightful class, and have been a particularly kind and harmonious group of children.  They have represented the school in a vast range of events, have been great librarians and office staff, and have been endlessly helpful and willing to help out with anything needed.  I will particularly miss them at Maypole and Country dancing, where they have been one of the most loyal classes ever!  We will miss them enormously, and wish them every happiness and success for their new schools – they will always belong here too.

In view of how charming the children are, it is no surprise that the parents have been fantastic to work with too; sadly, we have 18 families, where this is their last/only child, so their formal connection with the school will be coming to an end.  They have been an absolute pleasure to know, and we appreciate all that they have done, from the huge support given to the PTFA – Sam Watkins, Huw Bedworth and Catherine Kay have given sterling service over a long period of time, governors – Bob Kay and Frances Maddex are long-serving and proactive governors and to all of the families who have endlessly transported children to sporting events, Hatfield House dancing and helped in so many other ways too.  We do hope that all of our families will remember that they will always be welcome here and continue to feel they belong here.

For your interest, these are the schools the Year 6 children will be moving onto:

Hitchin Boys: 6

Monks Walk: 15                           

The Nobel School:1

Hitchin Girls: 4

Roundwood: 1

Thomas Alleyne: 1

Marriotts: 1

Sandringham: 1


Please remember that I am always happy to discuss any issues with you.  I look forward to seeing you again next term.  Thank you for reading this newsletter.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Pollard