Art Week 2016

This year for Art Week we studies Ship With Butterfly Sails

by Salvador Dali.




Codicote School Remembers

The whole school took part in Remembrance Day, doing lots of activities which included writing letters, poems, diary entries, collage, painting and junk modelling.




ART DAY 2015

For Art day this year we looked at the work of Laurie Justice Pace.

Here is some of our work.


ART DAY 2014

For Art Day this year we looked at the painting 'Tiger in a Topical Storm' by Henri Rousseau.

We created our own pictures, and then focussed on different aspects of each picture!

tiger tiger2 Tiger 3
tiger 4 tiger box stripes


ART DAY 2013

For Art Day this year we looked at the picture Nichols Canyon by David Hockney.

We used lots of different materials and techniques to re-create the picture.

Here are some images of the day.



We held our first E-Safety day.

Each class looked at a different aspect of E-Safety.

Some of us made pictures.

At the beginning of the day some people thought it might be boring, but it was a great day!


Every year we open the school to all our pupils and families so that we can show the work we have been doing!

Pupils take the opportunity to show their families around the school, and which classroom they will be next year!

Here are some examples of the work all classes have produced this year.



Jubilee Celebrations!

We had a fantastic time celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was really exciting to see the balloons flying off. The Parish Council gave us all a mug, and we learnt all obout the Coronation. The Party afternoon was brilliant! Everyone joined in the obstacle race – tiaras were worn, hands shaken and corgis were chased – it was fabulous!  Children and staff alike looked wonderful in the parade, and the tea party was just amazing!

Here are some pictures from the day.

jubilee Balloons Dennis & Mrs P


Art Day 2012

We looked at Regatta at Cowes by Raoul Dufy.

The whole school took part in a day of Art activities based on this painting - we used a lot of different media to re-create his work.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Boat picture paintings Computer picture
Palettes Textiles

Human Picture

At the end of the day we created a static picture.


Royal Wedding Day Celebration

The day started with aTraditional Dancing Assembly – celebrating May Day. This year, alongside traditional Maypole and Country dances, the Sword dancers performed their dances for the first time in public.  

After break, the children worked in mixed age groups on a wide variety of activities.  The results were fantastic, and the children had a range of souvenirs to remember the day by. 

In the afternoon, we put on our wedding finery and went into the hall to sing patriotic songs, including The National Anthem, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory, amongst others.  We then enjoyed afternoon tea, made by the children in the morning, before joining in with some traditional dancing.

Royal Wedding Badge Staff tile


Umbrella Day!

We had an umbrellas day in school!

Everyone looked at the Umbrellas painting by Renoir and we then worked on lots of different activities.

Miss Grainger even climbed onto the roof of the school (very carefully) to take an ariel picture of us at playtime with our umbrellas!





Celebration Day!

Our ‘Celebration Day’ was truly a day which we will remember for the rest of our lives.  We knew that we were going to have a special day to celebrate all of our achievements - including the ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED and Church Inspection reports, sporting success, academic achievement in the excellent SATs results, drama productions, singing at different events, success in Art exhibitions, the Financial Standards accreditation and the Health and Safety Audit.  What we didn’t know was that a special surprise had been planned….

We had been given a donation for painting butterflies for the Future Gardens Exhibition at Butterfly World, and this money was used to hire a beautiful 40 seat carousel for the day!  The first inkling came the day before, when some enormous trucks drew up in the School car park.  As the day progressed, a full sized Victorian carousel, with 40 horses, began to take shape; the massive structure fitting together, like a giant Meccano set. 

The following morning dawned.; we arrived at school to be met with a spectacular sight – the carousel horses waiting to transport us to a new adventure!  Reception children rode with Year 6 holding them safely in place, and Year 1 paired up with Year 5.  Every class had a timed slot – and at breaktime, everyone could queue up for an extra spin.  To the sound of traditional Carousel music, we whirled round.  At lunchtime, the Nursery children had their turn, joined by parents, childminders, grandparents and neighbours.

Throughout the day, there were special activities on offer- designing horses, observational drawings, building mini carousels, writing a Mary Poppins style adventure and poetry writing, to name just a few. 

After school we were joined by the pupils and staff who had been with us last year, our Governors, former PTFA members and friends. Hot dogs and drinks were served, and friends were re-united!  The day finished with the cutting of an enormous cake, covered in over 250 icing stars, with all of our names written in food colouring.  Mrs Abrahams  - our Deputy Head, and Mrs Gardner – our senior teacher, have worked at our school for a long time, and Mrs Pollard thanked them for all of their hard work in making the school so successful for everyone in it.  Then she invited them to cut the cake. Then children and staff raced to the carousel for the last ride of the day, as night began to fall.

We had a fantastic time, and really enjoying celebrating together!

"I liked spinning, and goijng up and down, I did" (Leon)

"My bestest thing was going up and down and round and round" (Freddie)

"I liked the roundabout because Mummy was at the back of me" (Thomas)

"I liked going on the carousel when it went faster and faster" (Rosie)

carousel photo

Art from Different Cultures

As part of our United Nations Festival, we looked at Arts and Crafts from Different Cultures. We worked in mixed age classes to create our own work.

150 Years of Codicote School

150th Birthday celebrationWe all had a fantastic time during our 150th Birthday Celebration Week. The School Council and Staff worked together to plan a series of exciting events.

We started the week by making an enormous plaque for our entrance hall. Every child in the school made a clay face, and the older children also made tiles to show our School Houses.

The next day, we all went outside for a scavenger hunt. Working in teams of children including all ages, from Nursery to Year 6, we went out on a mission to find a series of object, including coloured stones, feathers, four leafed clovers and other assorted items. We displayed these by making collage pictures.

On Wednesday, we put together a time capsule to show what life was like at Codicote School in 2007. We chose the things to include in assembly. These were: photographs of us, the pets and the school, toys, the school prospectus, a newsletter, coins, the OFSTED report and the programme for our Birthday Concert. In the afternoon, we performed our concert - 150 Years of Song at Codicote School.

On Thursday, The Codicote History Society put up an exhibition on 150 Years of Codicote School. We were really interested to see that 150 years ago, lots of children had the same names as us. We also liked spotting the faces of our teachers and helpers with different hairstyles in old school photos! The old School uniform looked very different; in the 1970s, the children wore brown clothes. We also saw pictures of the old school building, and met Mrs Griffiths - the wife of the old Headteacher. In the evening we held our concert again, and this time, included the Music Club Production of 'Mary Poppins'.

Friday started with a circus of playground games. The children worked in mixed aged teams to learn a number of different games from the staff. Each teacher chose a game that they had enjoyed playing as a child, and then taught it to the children.
In the afternoon, everyone in the school, children and adults, was presented with a special medal to mark the occasion. These were then worn for our 150th Birthday Party. The party started with whole school country dancing, followed by games such as 'Simon Says', and 'The Farmer's in his den'. Then we had a tea party, with former pupils and staff, before the grand opening of our new Roundabout. Following this, each child released a balloon, for the great balloon race. The afternoon ended with us cutting our Birthday Cake. In the evening, we performed our Birthday Concert again.

During the week, we were joined by lots of former pupils, members of staff, and friends of Codicote School. Everyone agreed that we had had a fantastic week!

RoundaboutOur Birthday Roundabout

We held a competition to design a new roundabout. All of the designs were considered by a local Landscape Gardener, who chose the design he thought would look the best, all year round. He chose a design by Alysia Broad. In the middle of her design, Alysia included a bird bath. For special evening occasions, Alysia thought that we could have floating candles in it.
The children in the school worked with Mr Day, our site manager, and Ollie Abrahams - our Deputy Headteacher's son, to build the roundabout. We are really pleased with it - it looks fantastic!

Balloon Race Update!

Our balloons headed out towards Cambridge and beyond, with many of them reaching Norwich! The furthest one, that we know about, was Duncan Eksteen's, which reached Aylsham, in Norfolk! Some may have gone further out to sea. As the postcards arrived, we plotted the balloons on a big map in the hall.