Year 6

December 2016

In Year 6 we took a landscape picture then interpreted it using different media.

December 2015

Year 6 chose pictures of landscapes and interpreted them in lots of different ways, in paint, collage and on canvases.

We have also been making our Buddha models.



March 2015

Year 6 designed and made hats for fictional characters.

Can you guess who these represent?


December 2014

Do you like our people in action pictures?


April 2014

Year 6 looked at movement in Art and then interpreted a photograph in different ways.


In geography we looked at landscapes - here are some of our pictures.

These hats were created for fictional characters. Can you guess who?


July 2013

We created hats for fictional characters. We made our own using papier mache and modroc.

We have looked at movement in sport - we took a photograph and then did drawings from it, creating it using words and patterns.

We created crosses from clay, inspired by looking at crosses from around the world.

February 2013

In year 6 we looked at landscapes.

Then we used different techniques and media to draw and paint our own version.

We have also been looking at sight, we dissected a bull's eyeball and made our own!

We have learnt about kings and queens and made our own time line.

Do you like our observational drawing of hats? we looked at hats very carefully before making our own designs, based on book characters.

May 2012

Year 6 have made hats for storybook characters.
Can you guess which people inspired these hats?

We started by looking at hats - here are our observational drawings.

We have also been busy building bridges - here is some of our work.

July 2011

We have made hats in Year 6, inspired by fictional characters.

Can you guess who?


We have made landscapes from magazine collage and in 3D.

We have been learning about Buddhism - do you like our Buddhas?


We have been making fairground rides using electricity to make them move.


Christmas 2010

We have been making 3d Christmas trees...


Here are our movement pictures. We have taken the same picture and interpreted it in different ways.

July 2010

Year 6 went to the Tate Modern. We made some collage pictures.


When we came back from the Isle of Wight we decorated picture frames.

In Art we have looked at landscapes.

We have made boxes in DT to keep our happy memories of Year 6 in.

March 2010

We painted a series of pictures to show the contrast between bright and dull colours.

In our victorians topic we made a rag rug.


December 2009


We created patterns in Art using vibrant watercolours.


As part of a project on movement we used outline drawings in our compositions.



We created these pictures using surreal colours, having looked at the work of different artists.

These sculptures were made using wood.

In design and technology we have made boxes using different materials and techniques.

Earlier in the term we made some slippers. We wore them for a fashion show!