Year 5

Welcome to our fantastic new classroom......

We are hard at work!

December 2016

Year 5 made these leaf pictures using different shades and tones.

We used a limited palate to create these tiles.


December 2015

In year 5 we have used collage, paint and glue to make these leaf pictures.

We looked at skies in landscapes and here are our pictures.


March 2015

Year 5 have painted their own landscapes in the style of impressionist painters.

We created this fruit picture after looking at the work of Cezane.

We are making our own weavings - we used balsa wood to make the looms.

December 2014

We have written our own acrostics on the theme of light.


These are our season pictures.

We sketched these greek details as part of our Ancient Greece topic.


April 2014

The Year 5 topic has been Ancient Greece.

We made some information posters, and we made our own Greek tiles and pots using Ancient Greek designs.


July 2013

Year 5 visited the Tate Modern.

We looked at the work of Robert Delauney.

Here are our interpretations.

We really enjoyed the topic on Ancient Greece. Here is our work on Athens and Sparta, and our tiles and pots.


February 2013

Year 5 have been writing their own novels. In design and technology we made moving models to show a scene from the book.

We have also been making our own musical instruments which we will have to present to the 'Codicote Dragons Den' panel to get funding to produce.

Which one would you invest in?

We have also been painting landscapes in the Fauvist style.

May 2012

Year 5 have been learning about Ancient Greece.

We created Greek costumes for our models.

Here is some of our pottery.

We also have created pictures showing scenes from The Highwayman.

July 2011

Year 5 have been learning about Ancient Greece. We have done lots of work!

Here are some of our modern art pictures.

We also did illustrations for the Highwayman poem.



December 2010

We are starting to make our Christmas tiles...

We have been looking at still life pictures.


Year 5 have painted flowers on canvasses. We have also visited the poppy fields. Do you like our pictures?

These are our still life drawings.


We have been to Cuffley Camp. We did paintings to show the activities we did, and wove God's Eyes using twigs.


March 2010

In our topic on Ancient Greece we are making Greek Urns - come back in a few weeks to see them when they are finished!

We used wax resist to make reflection pictures.


December 2009


In Art we have looked at landscapes. Here are some sunset watercolours.


We worked hard on our perspective pictures to make them as realistic as possible.


We lay on our backs to look at the skyscrapers on the ceiling.





In year 5 we made musical instruments in design & technology as part of our Science project.

Mrs Mesher organised Dragons Den and we had to face the dragons to get some money to produce our instruments. It was a tough time, but the dragons did invest their money.

We made these talking textiles to tell stories.