Year 4

December 2016

We have learnt all about the Romans in Year 4.

The sunset pictures were painted using watercolours.

These pictures were done using primary colours.


December 2015

In Year 4 we learnt all about the Romans. We made these mosaics and we made shields from card.

In Art we have looked at Primary colours.

March 2015

Year 4 have drawn these pictures of the last supper.


These pictures were created in the style of Paul Klee.


December 2014

We have been celebrating our world.

We wrote our own prayers.


We have made advent calendars.

These pictures were done using primary colours.


April 2014


Year 4 have been looking at the work of Paul Klee. Here is our joint picture.


We each looked at an individual picture and did our own version too!


We made these diagrams to help us to remember grammar rules.



July 2013

Year 4 have taken owl pellets apart to find out what owls eat!

February 2013

In year 4 we have written novels set in the imaginary worlds.

Firstly we created scenes in shoe boxes.


Then we made story maps.

After this we wrote our own books. It was hard work, but worth the effort!

May 2012

Year 4 have been looking at habitats.

These pots were made as part of our space topic. We used painted egg shells.


We wrote our own novels and set the scene by making a shoe box location.


July 2011

In Year 4 we have been doing a project on Europe. We worked in groups to make famous landmarks out of junk.

Can you recognise them?

We also visited Hudnall Park, and made these tree clay tiles when we came back.


December 2010

We used chalks to make these snowy pictures...

and our snowmen are helping us to make our writing fantastic!

We have also make tudor houses with lights.


July 2010

Year 4's topic has been 'The World Cup'. We had a team each, and found out about the different countries.


We made balls out of plastic bags and had a penalty shoot out with our teacher in goal!

We have also sketched pencil self portraits.


March 2010

We are learning about India.

We used glue, paper and string to make these paisley patterns.

These peacock feathers have been created using mixed media.

In our ICT lesson we created pointillism pictures using India as our inspiration.

December 2009

Year 4 have gone Tudor Crazy!

We had a kings and queens day and came to school in costumes. We also wore costumes to go to Ashwell, and spent the day at a Tudor School. Here are our Tudor Houses we have made, and one of our Tudor Roses.


This is our own version of the spanish Armada.


We have our Noun, Verb, Advective and Adverb snowmen to help us!


We have been learning about habitats. We went to Hudnall Park for 2 days and learnt about trees, animals and plants.

We wrote some animal haikus.

We made some clay tiles with a tree theme!

For our topic on India we made some 3D paisley patterns.