Year 3

December 2016

Year 3 have been learning about Roahl Dahl. We made characters from his books using clay.

In D&T we made houses for Grandma from Georges Marvellous Medicine. Using pneumatics we can make her shoot through the roof!

We used strips of coloured paper to make our angels.


December 2015

Year 3 have been learning about Roald Dahl.

We painted our favourite characters. We also wrote part of the story of The Enormous Crocodile and performed it in assembly.

These models are made from clay using pneumatics, we made models of Grandma from Georges Marvellous Medicine.

We made these paper bag puppets on D&T day.

March 2015

Year 3 have been learning about Ancient Egypt.

We made these out of clay.


We made these desert landscapes.


We included heiroglyphics, cats and Egyptian gods in our pictures.





December 2014

This picture shows our ideas about The Lord's Prayer.

We held a Roal Dahl Day at the end of our topic. Here are our pictures of Mr Twit.

These sketches of dragons were done as part of our castle work.


April 2014

In Geography we looked at different environments and what we would need to survive.


July 2013

In our roman topic we found out about how Roman Roads were made. Here is our diagram.

These mosaics were made using coloured squares. Mosaic floors and wall panels were very popular in Roman Times.

We have made Victor's wreaths, Roman coins and Roman Lamps.


February 2013

In year 3 we have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We made some tomb paintings.

We wrote our own information posters in groups.

May 2012

Year 3 have been looking at localities. This is our street scene.

We have also looked at portraits. These are our first sketches.

For our topic on Ancient Egypt we made our own information posters.


This work was done by a group of Year 3 children as part of 'Sir Kit's Quest'



July 2011

In year 3 we did a Wildflower survey in our school meadow. These are our observational drawings.

We have been learning about Picasso in Art. Here is some of our work.

In our Roman topic we made some mosaic pictures.


December 2010

We have made these angels - we are going to put them on our trees!

These are some scenes from our Christmas play.


These jazzy snowflakes are all symmetrical.



July 2010

In Year 3 we have been finding out lots of information about Codicote.

We have also looked at Landscapes in Art - here are our pictures.

In science we have learnt about plants. We looked at some clematis and painted the colours, did five minute sketches and then did pastel pictures.


We have also been looking at different ways to sculpt with paper.


March 2010

In year 3 we have been doing a project on Weather.


December 2009


Year 3 have been learning about life in a mediaeval castle.

We are making a castle out of lolly sticks.



We made up our own characters to use in a story.




Year 3 have been looking at family relationships in art. We have painted our own portraits.

We made photo frames and put photos of ourselves in them. We are going to give them to our parents.

In science, we have learnt about transparent and translucent materials. We made some rainbows to show our findings.