Year 2

December 2016

Year 2 have made Christmas Trees using handprints.

We have made Christmas cards with silouettes of Christmas trees.

To help us learn our 10 x tables we made ten trees with ten baubles on each.

The hand prints help us with our 5 x tables.

We made the stained glass windows using tissue paper.


December 2015

In year 2 we learnt about people in the past. We wrote facts and put them on our tree of knowledge.

Now we are getting ready for Christmas we have decorated the Wise Men's crowns and made trees from handprints.


March 2015

Year 2 have been making information boards about Chameleons - we have included lots of different types of information.

We have also made beautiful African heads with their African Jewellery.



December 2014

Do you like our angels?

We made them from paper.

We also used paper to make our advent wreaths.

Our Christmas tress are made from our handprints - these date back over the last 4 years.

We also made Christmas Tree pictures.

April 2014

We went to Africa for our topic (just pretend!).

We went to Woburn Safari Park and when we came back we made our own safari trucks!

We have been growing plants, fruit and vegetables as part of our growing topic.


July 2013

We have been learning all about the seaside in Year 2.

We found out about the seaside in the past and made our own black and white picture of a seaside promenade in the 1900's.

These lighthouses actually work! They have a circuit in them to make them light up!

Year 2 are very proud of their painted canvasses in the style of Claude Monet.

February 2013

Year 2 have been learning all about David McKee. We have made our own Elmer books. We worked really hard!

We made collage pictures, pictures on the computer and drew some as well. We love our books.

May 2012

Year 2 have been learning about lifecycles. Here are our frogs, the plants we are growing for our garden and our butterflies.


We created some butterflies which are symmetrical, and we produced some on the computer.

July 2011

We have been learning about seaside. We made some flip flops. Which pair would you wear?


We also made some collage boats and have hung crabs from the ceiling!



These lighthouses actually work!


December 2010

Here are our self portraits of how we look playing in the snow...

We cut out these snowflakes on our own,

and can you see how we used our handprints to make these christmas trees?


July 2010

We have been doing a topic about the seaside. We have done drawings, paintings and poems.

We had a Punch and Judy Show!

Year 2 went to the Lion King in London. Here are our pictures!

We also did a topic about Monet - we painted canvasses and made our own books.

March 2010

We are looking at Roald Dahl this term.

Our beautiful 'Enormous Crocodile's are finished. We hope they don't snack on us!

These designs are for the chocolate room in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory',

and here are a selection of characters from Roald Dahl stories.


Now we are off to Africa to 'visit' Kenya. These animal prints were created using pastels.

December 2009



We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We made moving models using winding mechanisms.




Here are our firework pictures - we used pastels and glitter paints to create them.




Year 2 have been learning about Monet.

We mixed colours to get the right shades, then we painted our own versions of the Water Lillies.

Our topic this term is The Seaside. We went to Southend for the day and had a lovely time (and learnt a lot too!)


We wrote postcards to Mrs Pollard to tell her about our day.