December 2016

In Reception we have made some hedgehogs.

We have made calendars using finger paints.

We are going to give our nativity pictures to our parents.

Using our handprints we made wreaths for remembrance day.


Our Owl Baby pictures were painted because we like the story so much!


December 2015

In reception we read the Owl Babies together. Here are out pictures.

We have made these pictures for Christmas.

We made our Autumn Trees by drawing on the computers.

March 2015

In reception we have made Easter Crosses - we used tissue paper and felt tip pens.

We painted these pictures of Spring Flowers by looking really carefully.

We made these pictures on the computer.

December 2014

Do you like our owl babies?

We used printing to create our pictures and we made some clay hedgehogs.

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These animals are nocturnal - they come out at night.


We are making these nativity pictures using collage.

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April 2014

Reception Class made this picture to go with one of their favourite books - Handa's Surprise!

Here are some of our faces!

The Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk has been writing letters to us!

July 2013

Do you like our picture of Jack and the Flumflum tree? We made it together.

We painted these pictures after we went to the bluebell woods.

We have loved looking after our ducklings, they hatched out a few weeks ago - now they are getting enormous!

February 2013

In Reception we have used the computer to draw pictures.

We loved playing in the snow - here are our pictures.

May 2012

We have turned our roleplay area into a Garden Centre.

We are growing some seeds and have made some pot plants.

Do you like the paintings in our Art Gallery?

July 2011

In Reception we have done some pictures of the flowers we see at Forest School.

We have made a collage of our favourite colours.


Do you like our robots? we designed and made them ourselves.


December 2010

We have made reindeers using our foot and handprints.

We are making snowmen to go on our windows - we hope it snows!

We are making Christmas books for our parents - these pictures show Mary and a donkey with Joseph.

July 2010

In Reception we have made dragons to go with our castle role play area.

We went on a visit to a farm, do you like our pictures?

We hatched some ducklings. They like to play with Lucky and the rabbits.


March 2010

We made our colour pictures using collage, water colours and wool.



In reception we love writing stores. We made up our own stories and drew pictures.


December 2009

We love dinosaurs in the Reception class. These are our pcitures from 'Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School'.

We had a fantastic time on the carousel on Celebration day. Here are our circle pictures.

Here are some of the comments we made about the carousel!


In reception class we were very surprised to find that a beanstalk had grown overnight!

We wrote a letter and put it at the top of the beanstalk to see if anyone lived there. To our surprise a giant wrote back!

We have written him some letters and he has written back to us. He sounds very friendly so we are going to ask him to get our balls down from the roof.

We have a castle in our room. Do you like the dragons we have made?

We listened to the story of Handa's Surprise. Here are our drawings.