December 2016

In Nursery we have been learning to mix colours.

We have painted some gingerbread men.

Can you see the angels wings have been made from cake cases?


December 2015

The Nursery children have been busy drawing pictures of their families.

We have also been practising counting numbers.



March 2015

We made these pictures for Art Day when we looked at the work of Laurie Justice Pace.

Here are our farm animals.

We have hatched out some chicks. We have 11 altogether - here are 3 waiting to be drawn!


December 2014

We all enjoyed our Pirate Day!

We made these pirates with our hands.


Our firework picture was made by splattering paint.



April 2014

In Nursery we painted butterfiles and daffodils to make a Spring picture.

Do you like our Owl Babies?

July 2013

Nursery loved reading about the Rainbow fish. We made these pictures using bubble painting and collage.

The sun shines through our stained glass window pictures, and makes patterns on the carpet!

We enjoyed learning about the Hungry Caterpillar.

These butterflies are symmetrical! They show what happens at the end of the story.





February 2013

In Nursery we made some pictures to show the clothes we wear on snowy days.

Our snow pictures were made by printing with little tree shaped blocks.

In Art Day we made collage pictures, after we looked at the picture Nichols Canyon by David Hockney.

May 2012

In Nursery we have hatched out 4 chicks. They are very fluffy!

We have put a camera in our bird box, we love watching the nesting blue tit!

We love the Hungry Caterpillar story - here is out picture.

We have had some lovely new toilets - we love them!

July 2011

In Nursery we have made some fishy pictures and some drop drop pictures.


We went on a trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park - do you like our animal pictures?

We used collage and stitching for our boat pictures.

Our Mr Men are made from Shapes.

December 2010

In Nursery we are being very good, because we hope Father Christmas will come.

We have made some pictures of him.


We made our pictures using the computer and we made baubles for our tree.


July 2010

In Nursery we went to Shepreth Wildlife Park. When we got home we made some lions, tigers and parrots.

March 2010

One of our favourite books is The Biggest Snowball Ever!

We made a picture to go with the story. Do you like our faces?

We used paint to create these Spring Blossom pictures.


December 2009

We used our computers to draw and decorate these Christmas Trees.

These houses were made out of 2D shapes

Can you see us waving?


In Nursery we went to Shepreth Wildlife Park. We had a lovely day. We have drawn some of the animals we saw.

We made these flowers from recycled materials

We planted our troughs with things that are interesting to look at, touch, taste and smell.